Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter in Seattle

After returning from Austria I flew up to Seattle meet up with Natalie and spend Easter with Natalie's family. After breakfast at the Crumpet Shop, we met up with Nick and Steph at the Pike Place Market.
Natalie and Stephanie drove up from California a couple days earlier, stopping at Pat and Les' place in Oregon for a good night's rest on the way. Luke enjoyed riding the toy airplanes.He also enjoyed playing the piano at Pops' place.
Luke enjoyed searching for easter eggs in grandpa's backyard.
and he likes walking around with his friend Blake. This is my sister-in-law's sister-in-law and her daughter.
Luke and Grammy hanging out in the train at the Old Spaghetti Factory before Natalie and I started our long drive from Seattle to Sacramento.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Klagenfurt, Austria

I'm working on a home-use laser skin resurfacing device in collaboration with Philips, so I went to Klagenfurt to meet with the Philips engineering team. This is the conference room we were stuck in all week:
Got to see a beautiful sunset as I flew in over the Alps into Klagenfurt.Here we are getting on the little plane in Munich to make the short trip into Austria.This is what a plastic part mold looks like.
The hotel I stayed at was called the Palais Porcia.
It was located right in the middle of town on the town square. The gathering of people by the statue is a nice little outdoor coffee and ice cream stand; great place to hang out on a beautiful sunny day.
Klagenfurt was very clean, easy to walk around, and lots of areas like this to find food and people watching.
Here's the view of Klagenfurt in the distance from a lookout tower on the Worthersee. I didn't want to call a taxi for the ride back so I met a nice young couple visiting from Romania who drove me back into town.
Here's the small one terminal Klagenfurt airport as I walked out to the plane to head home...
This is a video of one of the machines assembling a lady-hair-puller-outer-device, see if you can understand the explanation in German: