Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunset Sailing in Santa Cruz

Great evening away with my wife on the Chardonnay II, complete with wine, cheese, beer, and a great sunset!

Yummy dinner at The Crow's Nest at the harbor was a perfect way to finish off our much needed date night.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Memorial Park Camping Trip

Camping with 7 families and 13 kids. This time instead of going all the way to Yosemite, we stayed closer to home; right up the hill in San Mateo.
Each family was in charge of one or two meals which made packing and meal planning a little more manageable. Here's an example of one of our breakfasts -- the parents try to get a few bites of food in here and there while running around making sure the kids are taken care of.
Luke enjoyed hanging out with his friend Annelise.Luke manages to get dirty no matter what he's doing, whether it's playing in the dirt with his trucks...or picking berries in the mud... or (not pictured) jumping into the river and making his dad jump in after him so we had to hike all the way back to camp soaking wet.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Day Trip Hiking in Saratoga and Dinner in Carmel

Great view of the Bay Area on the hike up from the Mountain Winery.
Luke taking a break from the hike to throw big rocks. We were amazed by his endurance; he ran full speed all the way up the mountain - and back down.Luke loved running around the Pebble Beach golf course. The Spyglass course has some great areas overlooking the ocean for pictures.Finished off the evening with some dancing to Jazz at Roy's.