Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sold the Civic in 5 Hours!

We decided this morning that we should get rid of our small 2-door stick shift to make room for a bigger family sedan -- but we didn't know it would happen so fast. I put the 1997 Civic on craigslist at 11:00am and it was sold and gone by 4:00pm.

It's a perfect car for the college girl that bought it; we gave her a good deal because the paint was lookin' pretty bad. Now we need to find its replacement.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Video: Bonds up to bat on his birthday

Foul ball by Barry Bonds. Check out the camera flashes and the ball boy.

Giants vs. Braves: 13 innings

We were hoping Bonds would hit his 754th home run tonight on his 43rd birthday. He had 5 at bats, but unfortunately no home runs. Giants were down 4-0 in the 9th inning when we left, then of course they came back to tie it up and send the game to extra innings. We tried Caltrain for the first time to get to the game and back from Mountain View and it worked out great, very convenient. We even got home in time to watch the 13th inning.

Jason and Audrey were able to accompany us this time and Jason ate a large polish dog.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sunset hike in Palo Alto

5 minutes up the road from our place and with a great view of the south bay, this is a great place to get away for a weeknight hike.

We always see a few deer, this time we saw a couple with big antlers. And we heard some owls, but couldn't find them.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Seattle Day 5: Baby Shower at Lake Joy

This is a beautiful place to have a baby shower.
Grandpa on the BBQ...
A creative present from Tessa and Sharon; it's a bunch of diapers wrapped up in blankets and toys and looks like a big cake. The best part is the soccer ball... This is the most disturbing bowl of punch I've seen yet. Look closely...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lucky Weddings: 7/7/07

The most popular wedding day ever just happened. Whose wedding did you go to?

From Eva Longoria in Paris to Wolfgang Puck in Carpi to Elivs Impersonators in Vegas, this was the day to do it. I wonder who took The Ritz-Carlton New York up on their offer: “Lucky No. 7 Wedding Package” for $77,777. Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas hosted 113 ceremonies on July 7, compared to the normal 30.

Notice that all the Ames' siblings, Natalie, Nick, and Steph, all chose blonde dates. Good choice. I'm not sure who the kid is upstaging me in the picture.
Well, we went to the Wall - Kjack wedding in Seattle. It was beautiful and they couldn't have had better weather for their backyard reception. At 450 guests, this was the biggest wedding I've ever attended.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Seatle Day 3: Wakeboarding on American Lake

A beautiful day for wakeboarding on a cool lake with an island in the middle and a view of Mt. Rainier with Natalie, Nick, Jenn, Caleb, and Steph.
Everyone performed amazing aerial acrobatics -- except me, I just pulled a lower back muscle. The amphibious car below is cool, it just drives right into the lake. These people must live on the island in the middle of the lake. In taking this picture we drove a little too close and our wake caused them a little trouble. Sorry sailor-hat guy!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Seattle Day 2: Hiking at Mt. Rainier

We got a little lost on the way and drove to the other side of the mountain before realizing we missed the Sunrise exit, but the hike was worth it once we got there.

Natalie's mom likes climbing trees.We hiked through snow, saw a skunk, and ate some yummy dried pears and apples that are now my favorite snack.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Seattle Day 1: Fireworks at Angle Lake

If you're in Washington for 4th of July, there's a good chance you'll see fireworks over some body of water. This year was at Caleb's family's house on Angle Lake and the private fireworks show there was better than many professional shows I've seen. It started quietly with over 100 floating red flares on the lake to set the stage, then they set the fireworks off from a barge in the 'angle' part of the lake - the show went for a solid 20-30 minutes and I was impressed.

Throughout the day the whole neighborhood gets involved in the festivities - they compete in a run around the lake, swim races, volleyball, kayak races, and top it off with a huge potluck dinner. Good times.