Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lucky Weddings: 7/7/07

The most popular wedding day ever just happened. Whose wedding did you go to?

From Eva Longoria in Paris to Wolfgang Puck in Carpi to Elivs Impersonators in Vegas, this was the day to do it. I wonder who took The Ritz-Carlton New York up on their offer: “Lucky No. 7 Wedding Package” for $77,777. Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas hosted 113 ceremonies on July 7, compared to the normal 30.

Notice that all the Ames' siblings, Natalie, Nick, and Steph, all chose blonde dates. Good choice. I'm not sure who the kid is upstaging me in the picture.
Well, we went to the Wall - Kjack wedding in Seattle. It was beautiful and they couldn't have had better weather for their backyard reception. At 450 guests, this was the biggest wedding I've ever attended.

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Frogs Mom said...

We went to the Chiambalero-Flanagan wedding. :)