Thursday, June 15, 2000

Eurotrip Itinerary

Just after graduation I loaded up my Explorer with everything I own and am headed to the Oakland airport. I'll be parking in the American Airlines employee parking lot thanks to my Aunt, meeting up with Steve, and headed for Europe! As of the date of this posting we don't have an itinerary, just plane tickets in and out of Paris -- that's it! No reservations, no plans, nothing.

However, after we returned I went back to this posting and added the itinerary:

16 Paris
17 Paris
18 Paris
19 Nice
20 Nice
21 Cinque Terre
22 Cinque Terre
23 Cinque Terre
24 Interlaken
25 Interlaken
26 Munich
27 Munich
28 Prague
29 Prague
30 Amsterdam
1 Amsterdam
2 Paris
3 Paris

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