Friday, June 24, 2005

Seoul Day 4: Made it Home

How do you know it's the 21st century? When you're making reservations for a hotel in Rome on your Japanese wireless laptop logged into a San Diego-based VPN while sitting in a cell phone factory in Korea. Weird.

I made it back safely.. but barely made the flight. There was so much traffic from Seoul to Incheon that I got to the airport as my plane was starting to board. At the ticket counter they said ticketing was closed and I had to get on the next flight the next day! But I said it was important and I didn't have any checked luggage so the called the manager and got me a ticket. Then I had to get through security and immigration in a half hour... with commercial goods (50 cell phones) and of course I got in the slowest immigration line and they tried to make me go to the end of the line and fill out more paperwork and I had to run all the way to the furthest gate to get to the plane, that pulled out as I got on.

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