Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Friends' Websites

PayPal Peter Thiel's little money exchange company that he co-founded in 1998--aquired less than four years later by eBay Inc. for $1.5 billion.
Clarium Capital Peter Thiel's next venture.

BitTorrent Ashwin Navin's business acumen is turning this little company into a media powerhouse--it already accounts for more worldwide web traffic than any other company.
Ashwin's blog

Google Okay, so they're not technically my "friends", but I did talk with Sergey and Larry a couple times at their company parties before they went huge. Since they are multi-billionaires now, I'd like to get back into that circle. I think by mentioning them on my website, they'll invite me over for dinner again.

Shane Dwight, the #1 Blues band on the west coast. They were also nice enough to play my wedding.

RobbyZ was my neighbor in Capitola who lives the rockstar lifestyle.

735 Institution Rick Russo plays guitar for an up and coming band.

THREE 5 & 6 Urban A Cappella at it's best. These guys rock; get the CD or better yet, catch a show if you're in the area, what they can do with their voices has to be seen to be believed.

One Way Board Shop Buy your surf and skate gear here! Dan and Dave Pankratz are not only stellar individuals, but they run a thriving business and are actively involved in their community as well.

PowerFlare Troy Edwards designed and manufactured a great new product that is saving us money for law enforement and military expenses.

PicoPad Alan Regala innovates in everyday ways.

Panta Systems Tung Nguyen and Fred van den Bosch are excellent people to work for.

Lizzard Clipz I did the design work for Nick Banfe's cool eyewear product.


Dave the Horn Guy Featured on Jay Leno and star of America's got talent, my old friend Dave from church in Sacramento has hit the big time with an entertaining act. Hire him for your next big event!

NxRev Nils Wydler heads the #1 Pro/E reseller in the world.

The Nebo Group Ryan McCarthy, business strategy and technology consultant. Ryan also started Metro Free Fi, which he sold to AnchorFree in 2006 (it's the place to go if you're searching for a free hotspot).

Adventure Out Cliff Hodges is changing lives one adventure at a time.

Extreme Productions Hire Matt Brys to DJ your next party or wedding. North America's #1 DJ Entertainment Company.

CBL Accounting Claudia Low runs an excellent accounting and tax consultancy in San Diego.

First Covenant Church The Sacramento church family I grew up in.

Date My Friend Dre Madden's realization that most people meet through friends of friends.

Kaleem Aziz, a fellow Santa Clara M.B.A., has some well thought out theories on everything.

Adam Corkins is a good friend from PBC south.
Sarah Adam's creative wife.

Dustin-Leigh, friend from church in San Diego, was Miss California 2005 and starred in the Amazing Race, season 10.

Andrew Bradley, my bro.

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