Monday, September 10, 2007

Carmel Day 2: Reti(red) in Carmel

Weekdays are a great time to see Carmel: we always got our parking spot right next to the beach, 1/2 price B&B's, and no need for reservations anywhere. The pic below shows where we started our days each morning. Good spot for eating breakfast, reading, praying, and people, dog, and wave watching.Our first B&B was lame -- loud, old, dirty, and bright lights outside that shined in all night. So the next morning we called this magic Carmel super hotel helper person (who we later found out was "Resort 2 Me" (800) 757-5646); she was great and set us up with our own cottage at a much better B&B at an amazing price. Call them first if you're going to Carmel, they've got inside info on all the deals in town. We felt like we were staying in Marie Antionette's Versailles room:
We took about 50 pictures of this sunset, difficult to choose just one to post, but here it goes...
After sunset we headed to dinner at the Grill restaurant. I needed some filet mignon.
Notice my reference to The ONE Campaign in the title of this post, I'm so witty.

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