Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Day in Vegas

I went to Vegas to visit Rotonics Manufacturing Inc. where I'm having a rotomolded drip tray made for a work project.
Flying into Vegas you can see evidence of the housing crunch. Streets are built ready for houses, but now is not the time to build more houses.
I was upgraded to a suite in New York New York because they ran out of regular rooms. I wish they would do that sometime when I can enjoy it and not on a quick business trip. The window looked right out to MGM and the roller coaster down below.RMI was an interesting company to tour, they make many different products for the casinos; including laundry bins for Harrah's...Large planters for the big casino plants...industrial salad spinners...and more, but that's enough pictures for one post. Have you ever seen so many salad spinners in one place?

I like this picture I took flying into SFO over the bay. The sun was in just the right position to show how close you come to the water before getting to the runway.


Frogs Mom said...

Ah business trips to Vegas. I've been there twice - comdex and for a rah rah sales conference. :) Both times I would have rather stayed home.

Alas, we're off tomorrow for a quick trippie there for our anniversary. It will be warm and we got a great deal on a hotel. Maybe we'll get upgraded too - that would be suite!

Dave said...

Happy Anniversary 'frog's mom'; have a great time in Vegas! I was there for comdex in the past too, maybe we were there at the same time... I hope you get upgraded too.

Frogs Mom said...

It was the last comdex, I think - maybe Nov 2000? I think that sounds right. Or was it 1999? It feels like a lifetime ago.

Sadly we weren't upgraded but we ate well!