Saturday, December 22, 2007

Luke's First Airplane Ride

Luke did great! He was awake and playful the first half of the flight, then slept until we were picked up at SEA-TAC.
Natalie and I decided that taking a newborn on a plane for the first time wasn't difficult enough... so we brought along all our ski gear as well. That means two pairs of skiis, boots, and poles along with Luke and all his baby gear (4 checked bags and 8 carry-ons in total).
We arrived at San Jose airport 2 hours early so we wouldn't be rushed (thanks for the ride Grant!) and all went smoothly; we didn't even have to lift a bag. A bag-carrier-guy put all our bags on a cart and took us right up to the first class check-in desk. I guess you get some special treatment when you have a baby in a stroller with a Santa suit on. Then over to security where there was NO LINE! I've never experienced that before. So Natalie and I had a whole hour to relax and drink beer before pre-boarding.

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