Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Don't know who to vote for this Super-Tuesday?

Try this cool site: glassbooth. Answer a few quick questions and it will tell you which candidates you match up best with. Try it out, you may be surprised. Here are some of my results.This site says that I have 79% similarity with McCain and 77% similarity with Romney and Huckabee. I guess for me it doesn't matter who wins the Republican nomination. On the Democrat side it showed 35% for Clinton and 46% for Obama.

But the site doesn't stop there, it goes to the all-important next step of explaining the results with actual quotes, videos, and votes that prove where each candidate stands on the issues.

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O.Shane said...

Ron Paul 90%. Whew, good thing, because I actually donated to his campaign! He is the most Constitutional, most liberty-minded, most conservative, most Jeffersonian of all candidates.