Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Animal Kingdom

I never understood why people bring babies to Disney World. Now I know. It's because the parents have a work conference in the area.
Here's Luke watching the Lion King show.
Luke was riding in style around the park. And it just so happened that my mom, grandma, and brother were in Florida too -- I guess we have to go to another state to see the family.
My favorite part of Animal Kingdom was the safari ride; I don't have to go to Africa anymore, already saw all the animals.
These guys have cool long horns.
Lots of alligators.
Rhino chasing an ostrich across the road.
Many of the animals walk around freely together.
Naked Luke liked the parade; here he is with Mickey.
Family picture in front of the big cement tree in the middle of the park.
Luke had a great time.After a big day at the park, we took a dip in the big hotel pool.


MrAndrewBradley said...

Very nice, I'm glad that Luke had a good time (and I was there to see him have a good time). But the "babies" ie small looking animals in the picture, are actually full grown, they are just tiny.

Frogs Mom said...

Fun! We're taking our Luke next month and we don't have a work conference in the area.

What's up with the naked baby?

We just got a Bob stroller and I think we'll be taking it instead of our Ingelesina. So much more comfortable for long walks. And there will be long walks. We're also getting a frog safety harness as Lucas isn't the most cooperative hand-holder and he loves to 'WALK!!!'