Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cousins and Capitola

This past weekend Dave and I went and met my cousin Greg (who just so happens to be Dave's best friend from childhood) at Capitola beach. We met up with his wife Sharda and their new baby boy Cooper. Dave and Greg were born in the same hospital four days apart and have many fond memories together - causing great heartache to their mothers due to their adventurous spirits. Sharda and I worry our boys just may follow in their dads' footsteps. Greg and Dave also just so happened to be blessed with the opportunity to live in the Venetians at Capitola for two years from 2000-2002, so to be back in Capitola now, both fathers with young sons, was quite nostalgic. They lived in the bottom of the pink one closest to the Ocean in the below picture.
The boys with their friend Harleen who owns a clothing store in Capitola, In the Raw. He has fabulous dresses, I buy something almost every time we visit.

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