Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Bradley Lodge

Like last year, we spent Thanksgiving at the Bradley Lodge in Big Trees with the family. The big project this time was continuing to chop up the tree we had cut down a couple months ago. I got to use the chainsaw -- one step closer to my dream of becoming a lumberjack someday.
We got to preview Erin and Eric's new house they're building up there to get ready for the twins on the way. On the way home we stopped by Copperolpolis to see what the new downtown was all about and they just happened to be having a tree lighting ceremony that night. Everyone in town (~100 people) were out at City Hall to ride the horse-drawn carriage, listen to the carolers, and watch the tree light up. Luke didn't like the snowman very much, but other than that he enjoyed our little 15 minute detour.

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