Friday, February 06, 2009

Snow Adventures in Salt Lake City

Visited Nick this weekend in Salt Lake City, and as usual, he had a bunch of adventures in store for us. First was snowmobiling on Friday up a big mountain.
It was a bumpy road, but we made it to the top and found a big flat lake bed to race in. My speedometer was broken, but I know we were going way too fast for our first time on snowmobiles. Here's Natalie looking cute on her snowmobile with a great view in the background. Here's the second time Nick crashed his sled. It took us about an hour to dig out, then we had to tow Nick and Cat all the way back down the mountain.Sunday we skied at Snowbird, an amazing resort with great terrain. We were hoping the Mormons would all be at ward and not on the slopes -- it was still pretty crowded, but at least we didn't have to wait in many lines.In between snow adventures we'd play Rock Band at Nick's house. We have look, now we just need to work on our skills...

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