Saturday, March 14, 2009

California Academy of Sciences - San Francisco

Climbing on the fences at the California Academy of Sciences was more fun for Luke than seeing the animals:
Lots of fishBig fish tank...Petting the starfishThe most fun part of the day was when Luke found this cement ledge between the glass wall and the garbage cans; he ran up and down this thing for a half hour, laughing all the way.Museum review: The California Academy of "Sciences" is basically a religious institution with a small zoo inside. One side is dedicated to the worship of macro-evolutionary theory, and the other to man-made global warming. We went soon after the renovation so it was also very crowded, no where to sit, long lines for a hot dog lunch, etc. -- but we had a great time! Lots of interesting animals to see.


Dana said...

Amen to your summary at the end! I couldn't have described it better than that!

Kirk and Abbey said...

I've been wanting to check this out since the renovation has gotten a lot of publicity -- thanks for the review. ;)