Friday, August 24, 2007

State of the Blog: 100th Post

So far this blog is serving its purpose, so I'll think we'll continue. Friends and Family (you) have been able to check in once and a while and see updated pictures and stories of what we're up to at your leisure. And we've been able to post updates about every 1 to 2 weeks on average without spending too much time on the computer.

Top 11 positive aspects to having this blog:
1. I think it saves us time compared to sending out emails and pictures.
2. Friends and family don't have to get as many mass emails from us. (Although we'll probably send one when the baby boy gets here.)
3. We don't run the risk of forgetting an important person on a mass email.
4. We can link to our friends blogs so we can more easily check in on their lives too.
5. I get a creative outlet to post my videos. (I still haven't finished editing our Europe videos; I hope to finish sometime in the next year.)
6. I get to write.
7. When we post about an event (most of our posts), we set the date to the actual date of the event so this doubles as a kind of diary/journal and we can go back and have nostalgic moments remembering things we've done.
8. It's fun to read your comments.
9. We've inspired others to start their own blogs, including our friends in southern Italy -- they even copied our name "Spuntini di Vita", which we take as a compliment.
10. When you Google "lifesnacks" we have the top 6 spots!:

11. It's free. We like free.

Thus I conclude my 100th post. I hope you had as good a time reading as I had writing. Let us know in the comments if you'd like to see anything change for the next 100 posts.

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