Saturday, October 13, 2007

All Systems Go

Had our first doctor visit today after the hospital and got the a-ok; all his bits are in working order. It turns out that our doctor's office is so close to us that it takes longer to put Luke in the car seat than to just walk the 1 block to the office.

Our awesome chiropractor also stopped by the house to see the baby and relieve all of Natalie's sore back muscles.
Another picture of Luke for the family.
(By the way, this is the point where this blog changes focus from Natalie and Dave to Luke, Luke, and Luke with many postings, pictures, and videos of Luke doing mundane things that are exciting to us. Just a warning.)

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Frogs Mom said...

Loving the pouch. It's a hotsling, right? :) I love that snuggly stage.

So cool that your chiropractor came by for a house call. They're fabulous!

And about the blog's change in focus, we understand.