Saturday, October 06, 2007

Tri-Party Day

We like getting in as many parties as we can each day -- especially when they're all at different times so we can enjoy all of them without double-booking. Today's parties worked out well with a 10am wedding shower, a 2pm company family picnic, and a 6pm housewarming party. We even fit in a pumpkin patch in between.

Here's some pics of the company party; they had everything, rock wall, water-balloon toss, raffle, bbq, 3-legged race, basketball toss, horseshoes, etc. It was fun to get to know everyone better and meet the families. This place even had a corn maze (or a maize maze?) that we'll definitely have to come back to.

Natalie picking pumpkins...Our cat tries to attack Natalie's foot through the glass coffee table. By the way, does anyone want a really cool cat? We're not sure what to do with her when the baby comes along.


Frogs Mom said...

What do you mean you don't know what to do with her once the baby comes along? Are you seriously thinking of getting rid of your cat? We have two (a curious one and a fraidy one) and they're both doing well with Lucas (and vice versa). We introduced them to Lucas when we came home by first bringing something in with Lucas' sent on it and letting them get close to check things out. Just Google 'babies and cats' and you'll find lots of helpful linkies.

Dave said...

Hi 'frogs mom', I know whatcha mean and thanks for the tips, I should've expanded a little. I grew up with tons of cats so we're okay with babies and cats being together. But yes, we are seriously thinking about getting rid of our cat.