Thursday, September 14, 2006

Taipei 1


Made it in to Taipei last night, good flight, good food, not much jetlag. Had a layover in Japan but didn't see much because it was foggy and rainy out the airport windows. The first day of meetings were successful and I ended the day with a trip up the tallest building (no, the it's not the towers Sean Connery was swinging from in "Entrapment", those are in Kuala lumpur as shown in the picture above) in the world... on the fastest elevator in the world (1010 meters/minute). See elevator ride video here:

The walk and subway trip back to the hotel were also exciting. Typhoon Shanshan hasn't arrived yet, it's been very nice weather so far.

Funny quotes of the day:
Taiwanian: "Wow, you got married really young, I thought American wait until later because you get divorce many times and every time you get divorce you have to give the other person half your money."
Dave: "Many of us prefer to get married once and stay married."
Taiwanian: "But Jessica Simpson just got divorce."

Dave: "How did you like San Francisco when you visited?"
Taiwanian: "There are a lot of homeless people; why does your government pay people when they are not working? Why would they ever get a job?"

Taiwanian: "Why do you pay for all the Mexicans' healthcare?"

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