Thursday, September 21, 2006

Taipei 3

Just a few more days and I get to go home and see Natalie! Woo hooo!

From Travel_Taiwan...
Sunday night: Ate many interesting foods at the Keelung night market. I took the train all the way to the northern tip of Taiwan to meet Leo, a guy I work with at T-Win, so he could show me all the crazy foods to eat at the night market. I don't know what they were, I'll just have to show you pictures.
Monday: Had lunch with the president of Malico, our heat sink supplier. Sushi for dinner, work, sleep.
Tuesday: Had a good lunch with Leo; I learned a bit about Buddhism and shared with him what the gospel is all about. Visited the Shilin night market, the largest night market in Taiwan.
From Travel_Taiwan...
Wednesday: Got out of work early and went to the National Palace Museum. Very impressive. Tickets for the museum + an English tour are only $1. I learned that 618611 meant "restraint" in 2000 B.C. The Chung dynasty would mold the number into their wine containers to remind them not to drink too much like the last dynasty did. Met a Kiwi family; there seem to be a lot of people from New Zealand travelling around here.
Thursday: Long day of work with Tatung. Heading to dinner soon.

Some things I've learned this week:
1. A family of 4 can fit on a single scooter.
2. There's no floor 4, bad luck, like our 13.
3. I apparently can speak Chinese without an American accent. Finally the mumbling is appreciated!
4. Everyone says that a smile and a thank you gets you a long way in a foreign country. That's true, but I think you get a little further by standing in front of someone with a dumb, lost, look on your face. That's how I made it through the bus system.
5. There are no good Chinese candies. That's probably why they eat fruit for desert.
6. A carmel frappuccino tastes the same in Taiwan as it does in the US.

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