Sunday, September 17, 2006

Taipei 2

Friday night I went to the "Depose Chen" protest at the main train station pictured above. They want the president to resign and everyone is wearing red shirts and giving the thumb's down signal. I'm pretty sure I was on TV a few times because everyone thought it was funny that there was a tall white guy marching with them. Today I walked down to Starbucks for some lunch; there's a Starbucks, 7-11, and Subway on every corner.

I went to Dansui yesterday, a pretty town on the Dansui river at the end of the metro line to the north (see MRT map below). I took a ferry to the other side of the river (pictured above) and walked around some nice parks. Very windy from the typhoon, but it's almost to Japan now so it's calming down. Had a big bowl of beef noodles for lunch for $0.30. Ate dinner at an English pub so I could have a big cheesesteak sandwhich and fries. I noticed that they have "English nights" at the pub where english speakers get in free and locals can come in and practice their english.

Today I'm doing work at the hotel and tonight I'm headed to Kee-Leong to meet one of the guys I work with in his hometown, he wants to show me the "best night market in Taiwan." I'll be taking the train there so hopefully I can figure that out.

Interesting (to me) Taiwan facts:
1. Our hand sign for "hang loose" means "six" here.
2. Instead of saying 'W' "double-u" they say "double-v" like it should be.
3. They can say "how's it going?" without it being a question. Wouldn't it be nice if we could do that?

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