Thursday, April 12, 2007

Maui Day 2: Attacked by a Turtle

Our first full day in Maui and we already feel like we've seen enough for a whole week. Jetlag got us up at 5:00am for a nice sunrise breakfast on our condo balcony--we even saw a few whales breaching right outside! Most of the day was spent south of Mal'alaea past Kihei at Wailea beach , Po'olenalena beach, Big beach, and down near La Perouse Bay.

Our favorite was Po'olenalena beach, hardly anyone was there and we found great snorkeling. At one point we turned our heads to find a huge turtle heading staight for us with a mean look in his eyes. After we were done freaking out I think we got a good picture with the underwater camera. His name is Earl:

Watching the whales from the balcony...

Natalie enjoying "Big Beach."

Dave on some lava rock.

We also toured the Grand Wailea. Wow. Someday we hope ride the waterslides down to one of the the poolside bars.

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