Saturday, April 14, 2007

Maui Day 4: Huge Manta Ray!

Today we went snorkeling aboard the Frogman II, a 55 foot catamaran. First we went by "Turtle Town" (the various snorkel tour companies go to many different places to see turtles, but they all call the places "Turtle Town"--I guess that sounds better to tourists like us) and sure enough, we saw more turtles -- AND a 6-foot wingspan blue and white Manta Ray! One of the guys working on the ship didn't believe us at first until he went out to look for himself. Then off to Molokini crater with an amazing 180 ft visibility. We saw all of these fish and were particularly impressed with the Morrish Idols and Trumpet fish.

The two pictures above show the clarity of the Molokini water and the many fish. Unfortunately my pictures of the cool fish didn't come out that well... maybe next time. Dinner was at Leilani's on the beach, then we enjoyed the sunset on the sand, and took the "most romantic sunset stroll in Maui" along the Kaanapali beach.

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