Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Braces are coming

I'm getting braces (again) soon! Woo hoo!

(this picture is not of my mouth, it's just a gross picture that I found that illustrates how I feel about braces)
Here's why braces are coming: My mouth is a little messed up because I was born with a partial cleft, so the bridge of my jaw is weak, allowing my teeth to all cave in on each other.

To fix it I need to do a year of braces, then some surgery, then another year of braces. None of it is going to be fun. I've had expanders in my mouth for two months now, top and bottom, to prepare for the braces. It's basically a metal bar across the top of my mouth -- makes it very hard to talk and eat. That's why I've sounded funny the last two months.

I wanted to warn everyone so you can get all of your jokes ready to make fun of me next time you see me.

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