Sunday, January 20, 2008

Date Night

Last night Natalie and I went on our 4th date night since Luke came along. Natalie has been under the impression that she doesn't like Indian food, so I set about to prove her wrong and took her to Shivas in downtown Mountain View. It worked, she likes curry now -- just needed a taste of the good stuff. Then we walked down Castro St. to Red Rock Coffee, a non-profit cafe run by a local church, where we drank tasty hot chocolates and ate a peppermint truffle while listening to a young guy play the guitar and attempt singing. The building has been there since the late 1800s and we enjoyed sitting by the corner windows on the second floor for a bird's-eye view of Mountain View nightlife. We came back refreshed and ready for another night of interrupted sleep.

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The Cruise Director said...

So glad to hear that you guys had such a great date night. Brad and I are definitely going to have to check out that Indian restaurant! We're big fans as well.....yummy.

See you on Thursday!